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Manure Spreaders - Truck Mount Spreader

Truck Mount Spreader
(260-865 bushel / 1355-4200 gallon capacities)

Meyer Super Spreaders can be truck mounted for fast
transport to your fields. 

Meyer units are adaptable to a wide range

of trucks and also terra-gator systems.

Drive options include PTO, hydraulic and hydrostatic depending on model. Hydrostatic Drive allows variable speed control of the augers.

(V-Max, V-Force Hydraulic Drive Pictured)


Hydraulic drive bank controls the augers, expellors, rear gate and lid.
The optional hydraulic lid is available on all models.
This feature provides for a cleaner transportation

and less odor pollution.

See Pull-Type Section for
Sizes & Specifications
(V-Max, V-Force & Industrial Spreaders)

**Call factory for required truck specifications


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